Here are your official rules for the Nutrition Reset:

Competition Dates

Measurements will start February 11th and 12th. Give yourself a rating on the Accountability Calendar, daily. Explanation of how to rate yourself are on the top of the calendar which you will see shortly. You have enough spots to mark off 5 weeks.


Weigh Ins

Week one weigh ins will take place on Monday May 6th and Tuesday May 7th between 5:30pm and 9:30pm by appointment. The week 1 weigh ins will be ~10 minutes in length consisting of full weigh-ins, body fat measurements, and girth measurements. I ask that you take before and after (front and lateral view) photos in the comfort of your own home unless you wish for the trainer to do so. Weeks 2, 3, and 4 those measurements will be weight and body fat only. These measurements will be taken by each contestant, and reported to the trainer. Final measurements must be taken by the head trainer so on 5/10/19 and 5/11/19.  Leaderboard will be posted on Wednesday of each week via private Facebook page. Everyone must use the same scale.



Individual winners will be determined based on fat weight lost relative to total body weight. That number will come out as a percentage and the highest percentage at the end of the reset will win first prize. 2nd and third prizes depends on total participants.



Mixed gendered teams of three will also be assembled to encourage camaraderie. At the end of the reset, the total combined scores of each of the team members will count toward their team score. The team with the highest overall score will win the first overall team prize. 2nd and 3rd prizes will depend on total number of participants. If there is a man on your team, his score will get handicapped 1%.


Guidelines and Calendar

The general guideline of the reset will be to avoid all forms of dairy, processed carbohydrates, added sugar, and alcohol. Each contestant will also be given a calendar to track their progress, both will be issued via email on the day of your first weigh in.


Cost $20 to enter the contest.

You will get access to our private Facebook page, a 30 Page e-book created by myself and my PT Coach Jonathan Hertilus, our calendar, and the weekly weigh ins. If you have been inactive from GFS Bootcamp for 3+ months, you will be eligible to do our Bootcamp for an additional $20.



If you have any additional questions on the reset challenge, feel free to email me at