Hello All!


It's that time again!  

GUYS! It’s almost summer, time to put the focus back on your health and get rid of all the junk. As always I have a very specific goal!


 I WANT 10 PEOPLE TO LOSE AT LEAST 10lbs in 5 weeks


In the past few months, we had a few nutrition roadblocks…namely:

  • Holidays

  • Vacations

  • Stress

  • Special Occasions

  • And let's be honest...laziness

This leads to a lot of extra pounds


Here is your solution

It's a 5 week Nutrition Challenge put together to give you some accountability and structure.


I want YOU to join. It's $20 to enter and there are cash prizes to the winners. I want the total cash prizes to exceed $500!


I want to start initial weigh ins on 5/6/2019 and 5/7/2019 by appointment. There's no better time than right before SUMMER!


Click here: http://www.guzzofitness.com/reset2 to get more details. Or if you have further questions, email me, info@guzzofitness.com.


There will be a team aspect along with weekly challenges as well. So I expect the same productivity. I hope to hear from you soon!